Installation, mounting and safety advices



If NSP-SPRING-PACKS are imbedded in a tool pallet, it is absolutely necessary to make a drainage bore in order to allow lubricants and cooling fluid to drain off – please take care that the bore hole is large enough for the fluid used


In case of stroke travel exceeding 20 mm and moving speed exceeding 0.2 m/sec., NSP-SPRING-PACKS have to be installled with preload. Preload should be at least 1 mm. 


Spring with a filling pressure of 150 bar and more must always be installed with preload!


Never load NSP-springs to solid length!


A resisting stroke of at least 1 mm must also be provided. Never exceed the filling pressure indicated in the catalogue! For filling, only use the original OEST-feeding-adapter


Safe use

Gas springs are components provided with pressure (AUTONOMIC) or which have to be provided with pressure after installation and mounting (STANDARD). When working on a system or on the spring itself, first of all remove pressure ! Dismounting or reparational work must only be done by specialists instructed by the manufacturer or by the manufacturer himself ! Before initiation, carefully read the safety advices and make the operating staff familiar with the safe use. 


Maintenance and cleaning

For cleaning the gas springs, please use only a clean polishing cloth ! If necessary, damp the polishing cloth with detergent. Never spray detergent or solvent onto the gas spring or dip it into them