Technical Description – General Information





new and compatible NSP-SPRING-PACK

Bunched load on minimum space

In comparision to conventional comparable spring systems, the NSP-SPRING-PACK offers a very high load density on smallest space as shown in below table.


Functional description of the NSP-SPRING-PAC

In NSP-SPRING-PACKS, condensed nitrogen gas is used to produce pressure against the ring-shape arranged pistons in the ring-shaped housing. Piston size, number of pistons and filling pressure determine the load available. 

When the pistons enter into the ring-shaped housing, nitrogen is displaced into an external tank or into storing bore holes within the ring-shaped housing. Nitrogen gas is used as it is non-inflammable, non-toxic and low-priced.


The NSP-SPRING-PACKS are superior on account of following characteristics:

Full spring load at start position of piston-stroke

In comparision to conventional spring systems, the NSP-SPRING-PACK does not need any preload. The desired spring load is available from the beginning.


Load adjustable by user

The spring load of conventional spring systems – especially in case of disk springs – can be altered by replacing or adding new springs or by increasing or reducing preload. However, this has the effect of a change in the mounting space needed. 

The adjustment of NSP-SPRING-PACKS is simply done by adding or removing nitrogen by means of adjustment and control instruments. Pressure can be controlled directly by means of a manometer. 

Load adjustment can thus be effected in installed position which saves costly dismounting of machinery and tools resulting in reduced stop periods.  


Constant load allover service life

The load of the NSP-SRING-PACK is reproducible at any time and controllable. This means for the user a constantly high manufacturing quality

This comparision shows that the NSP-SPRING-PACK has-with same stroke- a considerably smaller mounting height. This for example allows also the construction of flat tools


Attention: The disk-spring-unit with s=0,75h0 has no fatigue strength that means service life of such a spring is many times lower than that of a comparable NSP-SPRING-PACK


As this diagram shows, the NSP-SPRING-PACK has an extremely flat load/deflection curve.