Flexible, hight load resistance, ever young – NSP-springs are the best solution for your problems!

Do not worry any longer about the great expenditure to be spent on dismounting, replacing and adjusting worn-out spring sets.With the new NSP-springs, spring pressure is produced by gas and not by material stress putting end to high set-up costs and idled machines.


NSP - NITRO-SPRING-PACK - The innovation in spring technique!


The N2-spring-pack NSP consists of a pressure box containing a ring- or rail-shape arranged number of spring-mounted bolts. The bolts are kept in their position by non-toxic and totally harmless nitrogen gas. NSP stands for NITRO-SPRING-PACK.


high load resistance!

Delivered as independent system, the spring-packs permanently keep the tension. Whereas when using several conventional gas springs, the result is getting non-calculable and uncontrollable due to the characteristics of the single springs.  Moreover, ordinary springs have the disadvantage of large mounting height and a load only acting to one point.



In open system, the use of NSP-springs is even more interesting:


The spring load can be adjusted infinitely to the particular requirements without any mechanical operation at the device. The spring load is fixed by means of documentable adjustment and indicating instruments. Thus, any user himself can adjust the spring according to his personal demand – without any setup time. More flexibility cannot be achieved.


Moreover, the load/deflection curve is rather flat compared to that of  former springs and enables also the construction of flat tools. Many spring applications can be substituted by the NSP-principle – there are no limits for your and our inventiveness.


forever young!


NSP-springs remains forever young as their springs bolts are moving in the pressure gas cylinder like pistons. The dirt sticked to the bolts is already removed by cleaner bars when entering the pressure box. Wearing due to abrasion caused by dirt is thus eliminated. In order to avoid worn out guidings or entanglement, the spring bolts are moving independently of each other. Thus, it is now even possible that a punch with different spring heights can be cushioned evenly  - for conventional springs simply impossible.


The extreme long service-life of NSP-springs is a further advantage for  machine maintenance. Expensive assembly staff and breakdown times occuring with usual springs are a thing of the past.


Application range!

Tool manufacturer and user which have already applied NSP-springs have absolute confidence in the simple and convincing solution.NSP-springs have an extreme wide application range:

  • in connection with die cushions in deep-drawing dies
  • as permanent wearing-free alternative for elastomer springs with highest load deman
  • as electrical / electronical observable and controllable bias voltage which can be switched on or off
  • as safety clutch with a exactly defined slipping moment
  • in stamping and bending tools
  • in upsetting and forming tools

On request, Mr. Burkhard Oest is of course prepared to give you some references for the application range. 

The Team!

The Team is ready to assist you by word and deed not only by absorbing loads. Thanks to their special know-how, staff members have already solved many problems in various fields. Moreover, they have many years’ experience in designing and constructing special purpose machines and components for the automation as well as mounting and conveyor technique.


The Patent!

The NSP spring is patented on the European and the US market.